Royal Clipper
Royal Clipper is the largest sailing ship in the world, 56,000 square feet of canvas. Photograph, Ann Fisher.

So — what is this web site all about?

Travel. Self-discovery. Bucket list exploration. Fun!

I’m a colon cancer survivor, an empty-nester, and now an early retiree! When folks start talking about generations, I’m on the cusp between the Baby Boomers and Generation X — and I have a foot in both camps 🙂 .

What kind of travel will you find here?

A mixture intermediate and luxury travel styles. This means being able to have amazing experiences AND being able to travel more often.

Sometimes this means staying at a pensione or a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights, and then splurging on high-end hotels on other nights — all on one trip. This can drop the average price per night on a trip in a sometimes miraculous way. Sometimes it might mean finding an amazing apartment, taking cooking lessons, and then trying the recipes yourself.

Locations? Travels in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and now Africa. Kinds of travel? Land and sea — yes, I love a good cruise! Where are we going next? Where our dreams take us!

Dancing in Kawaza village in Zambia. Photograph, Carolyn Fisher.

Types of Travel Writing

What sorts of things will you find on AnnCavittFisher.com? Travel narrative articles, practical tips for handling travel challenges, reviews, and posts on food and cocktails.

In 2018, you’ll begin to see other contributing writers on the site, as the blog grows — it’s always good to hear from more than one voice!

Award Winning Writing

Proud winner of three 2017 Awards from NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association). Find the award winning articles here.

 Travel Series, Online Publication Cruise article, Online Publication Travel Series, Online Publication
 Three article series on our safari in Zambia Crossing the Atlantic on a Tall Ship  Three article series on a road trip to New Mexico

Ann Fisher
Yes, it’s me. A picture of me taking a selfie :-). What could be more 2018?

Who is Ann?

I am a sixth generation Texan, named for a multi-great grandmother who arrived in Texas in 1836 weeks before the battle at the Alamo. I grew up in Mississippi and New Orleans, have lived in both Seattle and Manhattan, and finally moved back to Texas in 1990’s.

I have a darling teenage daughter who started university in the fall of 2017. I have been divorced and am now widowed. Finally, I am a colon cancer survivor.

My career has been in higher education, where I worked for over twenty-five years in many capacities, including teaching courses in writing, web-related topics, and managing academic departments. I am now writing and traveling full time — what a wonderful thing!

I love to travel — whether it’s with my daughter, my sister, or friends — or by myself. Solo travel is very freeing — and I always meet interesting people. So far my journeys have taken me to four continents and thirty-five countries.

Ann Fisher taking photographs in Pienza Italy
Shooting pictures in Pienza, Italy. Photograph, Carolyn Fisher.


* * * Most of the photography on the site is my own. I also use photographs from Pixabay and Unsplash, and I purchase stock photos from Alamy, iStock Photo and 123RF Stock Photo.



38 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have not stopped by since I read “The Train.” I lost track of you and I thought that you have stopped writing. But never mind, I have found you again and I will keep coming back for a read and a comment. Wishing you good health and keep writing. Juli


      1. arrrhh I am so happy to learn that you are in good shape with your health. Keep traveling, and writing will keep you going, the more you write the more the sense of travel will be fantastic, without it we cannot find some good episodes to write about. There is a beautiful world out there. Take care.

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  2. “I want to talk about life, in all of its rich, wonderful and terrifying forms.”
    This is exactly how I feel right now, since I’m on the brink of a big change for me, which is moving to college! Thank so much for this wonderful blog, I especially liked your short story about the train ride.


    Liked by 1 person

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  4. I read Michener’s ‘Poland’ while living in Poland. Taught English their for a year. It was a very good year, but the summer was much better than the winter, which was brutal. Do kind of wonder why I came back, sometimes, though.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I see that – it is a nice clean theme. I have changed themes a few times til I found one that suited my personality but also added a ‘structured’ look. Nice to meet you 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to meet you as well :-). I’m headed over to your blog to start reading. I read your Gravatar profile, and I am so pleased to hear about your success with your cancer.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the follow and the kind words Ann. Cancer sucks but your attitude towards beating it is very uplifting. I’m part of a committee in my home state for Colon Cancer Prevention so I know all to well what battle you are fighting. Not that I’m trying to hijack your site but last week was their annual fundraiser if you would like to read about it.



    1. Hi Gary, Thank you for your comments and I am always happy to have a link to things like your annual fundraiser. It’s great to connect people to events happening to support the fight against this disease. — Ann

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello Ann. This is Shine. Nice to meet you. Your fighting inspires me a lot. I respect your courage to fight back to the Cancer. Not only that. I really wondered to see that the way you love your life after all those incidents. Hats off to your spirit. I’m following you to learn things from your journey.


    1. Hi Shine, great to meet you as well, and as I said on your post about how perspective on life is everything, I completely agree. It’s not that I am never sad or scared, but I don’t stay in those feelings. I finished chemo a year ago and was in good spirits through it. I will have more treatment ahead of me, but right now, my CT scan this week was stable — no change, which means I have another 2-3 months of freedom. I feel free as a bird. When it is time to do surgery and more chemo, then I will dig in and take it one day at a time. And at the end, my prognosis is good, so I feel very thankful.

      I appreciate your thoughts, and I look forward to following you as well.

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  7. A very intimate and thoughtful place to visit. An invitation to share your life with you. Thank you for allowing us the privilege. Shall we open a nice bottle of wine and toast to the voyage ahead?


  8. you are a lovely writer of your thoughts and experiences Ann. It sounds like you have been through your share of grief. I too travel but spend more time in Scotland and Ireland though I love Italy too. Italian on Dad’s side. I also write stories as well as photograph. I’m not in world as much as I once was when I first began and actually was away from it for a few years. My inworld identity is on Desert dreams and Mice though most of my posting is on my story blog. I just find I want to engage more with the Real world of five senses but I do love the art and imagination I have found in SL. Do drop by again!! and so glad you have your health again.


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