Pardon the Construction

Photograph, Matthew Hamilton – Unsplash.

Dear Readers: You’ll notice several abrupt style changes to the AnnCavittFisher blog over the next week as I move my website from over to Bluehost.

What you’ll see:

  1. I normally use a magazine style WordPress theme, which makes it much easier for readers to see a variety of articles on the home page of my site.
    • However, to initiate the move, the whole site will change to a very simple, classic blog theme where all of the articles will appear in the classic blog reverse order style. You may see this for several days.
  2. Once WordPress has assisted me with the move, I will install a new magazine theme, but things may look a little odd (poor image sizes relative to the columns of text), until I go through and tweak layout throughout the site.
    • This will take a week or more, since there are now well over 100 pages of articles!

Why move my site? has been a wonderful home for me for the first 2.5 years of blog life. The support team has been helpful, and the WordPress community has been a great place to be. However, as I move into making my blog my livelihood, I need additional freedom and functionality that I can’t get within the space. I’ll still be running a WordPress theme though — to my mind, this is far and away the best content management system on the internet.

So, pardon my mess! I’ve got a little heavy lifting to do before everything is back in order 🙂 .

Photograph, Samuel Zeller – Unsplash.

Author: Ann

Writer, traveler, and cancer fighter. Get out there and live life!

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